Avoid These Common Mistakes If Your Car's Windscreen Is Damaged

Your car's windscreen may be more important to your overall safety than you realize, as a windscreen does more than just keep bugs out of your teeth while you drive! Windscreen glass is made to be especially strong so that it actually supports the roof of the car in case of a collision or a rollover accident. This glass is also meant to keep you and your passengers in the car if the vehicle is hit from behind and the seatbelts fail to keep you in place. Because a car's windscreen is so important for your own safety, note a few mistakes to avoid if it should ever get damaged.

Overlooking minor scratches

If your car's windscreen has some minor scratches, you may think that you can overlook this damage and that it doesn't actually affect the windscreen's strength or durability. This may be a mistake, as visible scratches can mean that the actual material of the windscreen is now weakened. In turn, it that glass not be able to hold up the roof of the car or keep someone from flying out the car in an accident, as mentioned above. Those minor scratches can also hold dust, dirt and other debris that continue to make the glass weaker. Rather than ignoring this damage, have the glass surface repaired by an auto glass repair professional or have the windscreen replaced as needed.

Using cheap filler materials

There are windscreen repair kits you can buy at auto parts stores that fill in chips and cracks in a car's windscreen, but these kits usually include low-quality resins or polymers. These materials may fill in the windscreen enough so that you avoid a citation, but they may not hold the glass together in case of a collision. Rather than assuming that windscreen repair is a DIY job, leave this work to the professionals, who always use strong, high-quality materials for these repairs.

Trying to replace it yourself

Replacing a damaged windscreen may be more difficult than you assume, as these pieces are very heavy. They also need to fit your car's frame exactly and require proper adhesives to keep them sealed in place. That adhesive also needs time to dry properly. If your car's windscreen is broken beyond repair, and especially if you drive a very old car that may not have new windscreens available on store shelves, it's best to have that piece replaced by a professional. This will prevent the risk of leaks around the windscreen and also ensure the glass doesn't come out of place if you're ever in a collision.